New Farm Park, Brisbane

Monday, October 16, 2017


As most readers know, we moved into a retirement village six months ago. The village has been growing over the last five years and the last two stages are in progress at the moment. We have been watching the quadplexes being built opposite us, well not quite opposite thank goodness so we can keep our view of the forest. It has been interesting watching the buildings grow.
 The retaining wall is up and the drainage done.

 The concrete slab is poured.

 Pouring concrete

 Blocks for the ground floor walls arrive.

 The garage walls are up. scaffolding for the upper units.

 Walls, windows and roof.

The street is developing.

Painting, balcony shutters, hot water heater, air con inside outfitting and landscaping.

People are moving into the "Upper Apartment "this week. Access is from the road behind the building while access to the lower "Garden Apartment" is from this street. So there are no stairs in the village.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


It is Jacaranda time in Brisbane. It has come early this year due to the very warm winter that we had. The Jacaranda Tree originally from South America, now flourishes here in Australia. Yesterday we drove to New Farm Park to photograph these beautiful purple trees. New Farm Park is in the inner city suburb of New Farm. In convict settlement days the park used to be a farm. In 1846 it was a race course but in 1913 the council acquired the land and made it a park. There were cricket nets, football fields, tennis courts and picnic areas. Today it is mostly used as a picnic area and there is a big children playground as well as a Kiosk, Coffee shop, The Power House Theatre and Watt Restaurant. The Brisbane River runs along the edge of the park and there is a City Cat boat terminal. The park was crowded even on a week day.
We drove around the ring road looking for a parking spot.

 Many of the old Jacaranda trees had to be removed as they were becoming dangerous. So new ones have been planted.

We found a park and set off for the coffee shop...........compulsory for my man. I like to see the city peeping through the trees.

 The new and the old trees. Fortified with coffee, Bill enjoyed walking, photographing and trying to learn more about his camera.

Besides the Jacaranda trees there are many garden beds in the park. The rose garden is especially pretty.

 After a few hours and hundreds of photos we found our little red car and drove home.

On the way home there were many Jacarandas lining the city streets. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Continuing 'My Story'

In June 1974 we sold our house and acre block of land in Springwood Road and bought a new home at 27 Wenlock Crescent, Springwood. We didn't move very far and we only planned to stay there a short time and sell at a profit and then buy our dream home. Unfortunately, for us the bottom fell out of the housing market and we ended up staying for 15 years. It was a nice comfortable little house.  
 We moved into a ready built new house in Wenlock Crescent. We needed to establish a garden, again.

In July we visited the Lion Park in Beenleigh.

Carol was a bit wary of feeding the deer but eventually plucked up the courage, but when it had finished eating she walked away and the deer chased her for more. She didn't like being chased by the deer. I mustn't have taken any photos of the lions.

 Our new house had a back yard where Carol could play without me worrying that she could wander off like on the acre from where we had moved.

A friend helped us build a concrete block fence. Carol-Ann had turned two and I was eight months pregnant with our second baby,we didn't know the sex before they were born in those days. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Continuing My Story

Carol enjoyed playing with the neighbour’s children, Anita, Tony and Andrew. When Anita was at school, Carol would toddle up the path and down the side of the road towards their house calling out, “Boys, boys!”. She wanted to play with them. I would chase her down the road side and try to convince her that I had to finish hanging out the washing and then we could go and visit the boys.
The neighbours children Tony, Anita and Andy. We are still friends with their parents.

 Carol loved playing with the neighbours and would take herself off whenever we were outside. We didn't have a fence around the acre block.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Continuing "My Story"

When we moved to Springwood we didn’t have many friends in the area. One day when we were in the corner shop, Bill was asked to join the new Springwood Lion’s Club. We thought it would be a good way to meet locals and help others.
Bill enjoyed going to the dinners and weekend fund raising functions. I joined the Lady Lions and even designed the logo.

At “Change Over Night”, when the new committee was sworn in, Bill received awards for attendance and magazine editor.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Last week we went to Redcliffe with our cameras. Redcliffe is situated on a peninsula sticking out into Moreton Bay. It was actually the first site for the settlement of Brisbane but later the settlement moved to Brisbane River where there was a better fresh water supply. After that it became a place to go on weekends or for a holiday. Now it is an easy day trip. There are many restaurants and other activities to do there.
It is school holidays and many children have sailing lessons.

Bay beaches don't have any surf but fun for beach combing.

 Love the symmetry of the pier.

 We walked around the edge of the bay.
 Bill and Will on the look out for photo opportunities. The bay on one side and the swimming pool on the other.

 We were having summer temperatures in Spring. (We are back to cooler days now)

We walked back up to the road and we could see over the pool and the bay.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Continuation of My Story

Bill’s Mum and Dad sent the most gorgeous dress from Switzerland for Carol’s first birthday. It was a Swiss national dress called a dirndle. She looked so cute in it.
She enjoyed her birthday cake and so did her Dad.

The neighbour’s children came over to celebrate.  Tony helped Carol push her new toy horse.