Redcliffe Pier

Monday, August 14, 2017


Today we went on a photo shoot with the U3A Camera Club. We went into the city and did part of The City Centre Heritage Trail. The first building we visited was the old Regent Theatre, which is in the Queen St Mall tucked in between two new buildings. It is no longer a theatre but the facade, foyer and grand staircase have been preserved. The foyer now houses an information centre.
It was built in 1929 to capitalise on the popularity of talkie movies. It was built in a lavish style like the American ones to entice more custom. It had 2,500 seats, ornate chandeliers and Belgian carpets. It featured a Wurlitzer organ that could be raised and lowered on a hydraulic platform.
In the 70's it was remodelled to hold 4 theatres but now they have been demolished.

My daughter told me this is where her and her husband, David, went on their first date.

 The ceiling is covered in paintings and patterns.

My European readers will probably wonder why our old buildings are not really old when compared with their old buildings which date back hundreds of years. It must be remembered white people only started living in Australia from 1788. Brisbane wasn't settled until 1823 by convicts. Free settlers came in 1838. Brisbane was a municipality in1859 and a metropolitan area in 1924. So you can understand why this building built in 1929 is declared a heritage building.   

Friday, August 11, 2017


Both Mary and I have birthdays in June. So we stagger our celebrations with Birthday Bear to be a month apart. Then I forgot to post about them, that dementia is getting closer. Anyway I had my lunch with birthday bear a few weeks ago. We went to Sunnybank Hotel where we always get good service and nice meals. I still wasn't feeling too well after coughing for four weeks. (I'm feeling much better now thank goodness after five weeks of it.)
 When I arrived I found Bear waiting for me in the forest. Bear knows that I love walking in the forest so she is prepared with her hat, bottle of water and camera. There are koalas and wallabies in the forest too and a walking track map.
Mary dressed Bear for me this time and it was very appropriate.

Bob, George, Mary, Ann, Helen, Chris, me and Bill.  Bear had her own little table behind George. It was so nice for Chris and Bob to travel a long way to be with us and it was nice of Helen to put them up overnight. Thank you everyone for celebrating my 75th with me.